I am a Doctor of Chiropractic in practice for twenty-four years.  Over the years, I have received hundreds of sessions from some of the best therapists in the healing arts.  Among them, certain ones stand out as truly profound and memorable experiences that made a lasting difference in my life and my healing. For the last two months, I have received weekly CranioSacral Therapy from Laura Moorehead.  The depth of relaxation that results from her gentle touch is far beyond anything that I experience in my daily life; and in that relaxation, I heal at a profound level.  Laura is highly skilled and very professional, and at the same time, very gentle and caring.  Amazingly, she seems to know exactly where and when to touch to deepen my experience and healing. Without reservation, I recommend Laura Moorehead as a CranioSacral Therapist and healer.  My experience with her work is one of those that stand out as truly profound.

Dr. Frederick Kennedy, Chiropractor

I have received craniosacral treatments from Laura Moorehead, specifically focused on energy balancing and stress reduction. My many years working as an emergency physician have resulted in chronic conditions related to sleep deprivation. I have found sessions with Ms Moorehead to be remarkably rejuvenating for mind, body and spirit. I would highly recommend her high touch healing services to anyone wanting help with these types of issues.
James T Power, M.D.
Hawi, HI


In my experience Laura Moorehead brings to her sessions more than an impressive skill as a cranial sacral therapist.  Her presence itself creates a deeply peaceful, compassionate healing space.  During my sessions I felt safe to let go of emotional armor held in my body–armor that was creating physical discomfort.  Whether to relieve stress, to address a physical concern, or to invite more emotional freedom in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend a session with Laura Moorehead. 
Cynthia L. Mitchell
San Francisco, CA


I highly recommend Laura Moorehead’s Cranial Sacral Body Work. Every session was relaxing and magical.  It improved my life in so many ways including:  health, well-being, flexibility, strength, abundance, ways of thinking,
mood, relationships, and so much more. Thank you Laura Moorehead for sharing/offering your gift with me and the world.  

Shelly,  Hawi, Hawaii


My daughter was injured at birth, she has shoulder dystocia which basically means her nerves were severely damaged. She was unable to move her right shoulder, arm, hands or fingers. Before we left the hospital we met with a physical therapist and we saw her every two weeks. From the beginning the therapist said our newborn baby was going to need surgery to repair her nerves in order to ever have full function of her right arm. This terrified us and we were referred to Laura by my moms chiropractor. We had no idea there was a specialty for her injury and we began seeing Laura weekly when Joey was 2 months old. We had had some improvement with the physical therapy but we weren’t satisfied and we still were being told she would require surgery. It wasn’t very long after Laura began working with Joey that we saw huge improvement. I was given simple instructions by Laura of things I could do at home to help Joey’s progress, unlike the physical therapist who gave complicated exercises that I rarely was able to do. After a few months we graduated to bi weekly and in March of 2015 the physical therapist scared us into an MRI which once we got there the dr to one look at our daughter and said there was no need for an MRI, she clearly did not need surgery, which by the way Laura had said from the beginning that she highly doubted surgery would be necessary. After that appointment we have not gone back to Kaiser to the physical therapy. We choose to pay out of pocket for something that has made a difference. Joey has improved using her right arm tremendously! Someone that doesn’t know her story would never know there was anything wrong with that arm. There is still room for improvement, so we continue to see Laura. My daughter at 11 months old did not sit still if she was awake and Laura worked with her, adjusting to whatever position Joey decides she would be in for that second. Now at 18 months old it is even more difficult to work on Joey, but Laura works with her very well! I am certain we would not be doing so well had we not given craniosacrial therapy a chance. I could not recommend Laura any more, she truly is gifted!

S. H. Auburn, CA

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